Seven years of five star reviews!

Capture Morgan C., Santa Barbara, CA 9/19/2019
It doesn’t get any better! I have had many massages over the years, and I consider myself well-acquainted with many different styles. Roy does an amazing job of combining various techniques to address your body and your specific needs.
He brings great sensitivity to his work–but I think what I value most is his application of pressure. Really sublime!

Capture Eric R., Santa Barbara, CA 6/16/2019
Following my wife’s recommendation to get a massage from Roy at Deep Soothe, I can say she was 100% right that Roy is outstanding. He is by far the best masseuse I have ever experienced. Having had many injuries over the years that involve me living with a bad neck and lower back, I have had dozens of massages over the years. For me, massage is therapeutic for my body and mind. With Roy, he found sore muscles that I did not even know existed and I almost felt like I was in a dreamlike trance and pretty much lost concept of time. It’s really hard to explain, but I highly recommend him.

I have had multiple massages with him now and they all have been stellar and not even comparable to the many massages I’ve had in the past. My body feels like it has had a rebirth from all the injuries and sore muscles I’ve had over the years. The knots and my neck, shoulders, back and legs have been relieved and I walk, work, exercise and sleep way better than I have in previous years.
In addition, I have severe small fiber neuropathy in my feet and I have not ever been able to have another masseuse or even a doctor for that matter touch my feet for years. However, Roy miraculously was able to go there which for me, is nothing short of a miracle.

Capture Nathan H., Los Angeles, CA 6/11/2019
If you are looking for an amazing Massage this is it! Roy creates a truly comfortable, intentional, and peaceful experience.
He begins the experience with a discussion of where you carry stress, how your posture affects your overall carriage. He then tailors the massage to target problem areas while giving you a thorough full body massage. He is sensitive as he targets pressure spots and manages to find the balance of deep work without undue pain. My wife, mother-in-law and I all agree, Roy gives the best massage we each have ever had.

Capture C.B., Santa Barbara, CA 5/30/2019
Roy is simply amazing. I have tried several massage therapists in the Santa Barbara area and am grateful to have found Roy. I exercise a lot and punish my body in the process. Roy works out the kinks and gets me back on my feet. He takes the time to assess your issues. His massages are more than just relaxing, they are therapeutic. Typically I will be groggy after a massage, but I walk out of Roy’s feeling energized. I highly recommend!

Capture Rob M., Santa Barbara, CA 5/14/2019
I have had sports massage on a weekly basis for almost three decades.
Due to injuries long ago, the massages help loosen me up for tennis and other activities. I moved to Santa Barbara two years ago. Friends recommended that I check out Roy for massage therapy. With lots of experience with other therapists I can say that Roy is the best deep mussel sports massage therapist I have had over the years.

Capture Steven A., Santa Barbara, CA 5/8/2019
I have a bad back so I have been getting massages for many years and have tried many massage therapists. Roy is far and away the best massage therapist I have ever seen. He has incredibly powerful hands but never causes me to be in pain. The massage itself is extremely relaxing and at the end my muscles feel completely worked out in a good way. I would highly recommend Roy to anyone.

Capture Kari L., Playa del Rey, CA 4/29/2019
What can I say about Roy’s massage? I will start with BEST MASSAGE EVER! First Roy’s massage studio is very ‘zen’ like and CLEAN! Second, he asks about the pressure before he starts and during the massage as well. I felt so amazing after he was done, the knots and tightness were all gone. Roy is an expert in his field. He gave me many suggestions on what I can do moving forward to avoid tightness and getting so many knots. If I could give Roy more than 5 stars I would. It is definitely money well spent. Book your massage with Roy today, you won’t be sorry! THANK YOU ROY!!

Capture Colleen P., Aptos, CA 4/26/2019
I found Roy when I was dealing with some lower back problems, caused by my excessive involvement in rock climbing and surfing. I described to him exactly the pain I was feeling and he listened clearly, addressing the issue with many approaches/techniques. My mother is a massage therapist so I have been worked on a good amount, and Roy was able to use many approaches when working on areas that were extra tense.

If you are looking for deep tissue or a sports massage, he is your guy! I prefer deep tissue to relieve the tension I feel, but he also responds well if other areas need lighter pressure. Thankful to found a massage therapist in SB that is so intuned with the body and its ability to heal. Thank you Roy!! 🙂

Capture Margaret O., Santa Barbara, CA 4/26/2019
I had the most amazing 60 minute massage. Roy asked me if there were certain areas to concentrate, others to avoid. He was extremely attentive and professional. Place is very clean and comfortable.
If you need a really good deep tissue massage, this is the place you want to go.

Capture K.D., Solvang, CA 3/21/2019
I don’t get massages as often as I’d like to, but after going to Roy the first time, I knew he was the only one to return to! The setting is relaxing, clean and comfortable. His professionalism and communication is excellent. I was pleasantly surprised how he intuitively knew exactly what pressure to use on me and was able to work out my shoulder/neck issue in one treatment. I have many friends who go to Roy for massage and I’m just sorry I waited so long to try him! Highly recommend…you won’t be disappointed.

Capture Christina S., Santa Barbara, CA 11/14/2018
Roy’s massage was fantastic. He communicated just enough to provide the right amount of pressure and work on areas of concern. As a runner my hamstrings and calves are tight and he was able to loosen both up. Truly one of the best massages I have had. Space was comfortable and calming. Highly recommend.

Capture Paul R., San Francisco, CA 9/19/2018
Amazing ability to work wonders on my “senior” body, Roy is knowledgeable & caring re. muscle, skeletal & nerve interaction, without a doubt the best Massage I have ever had.  I requested deep tissue work and received just that. Please, give him a try, let him know what you want and it will happen.  You do get what you pay for, an Excellent Value.

Capture Morgan N. Mountain View, CA 6/30/2017
I saw Roy about 2 months ago for a 90 minute massage. I was a little wary about the location, as I was meeting him at what appeared to be his house, but Roy was quick to make me feel comfortable. The massage itself turned out the be the best I had ever had. Roy was attentive and used an incredible blend of techniques that left me feeling fantastic for weeks after. I highly recommend him!

Capture Mr. B., Santa Barbara, CA 6/21/2017
I just wanted to drop a review for Roy’s massage service. First off Roy was great about responding to my request for an appointment and good with communication. I have had this knot in my shoulder and back for months now, and I spoke to Roy for a while before he started about what and where had been bothering me. The massage I got was great, and I am left feeling so much better after just my first session. Roy did great work, listened to me and what was bothering me and needed to be worked on, and is obviously very skilled and experienced and worked hard to give me a very deeply soothing massage. I prefer to support small businesses when possible, and was much more comfortable being in a personal space than in a spa atmosphere feeling rushed. Nothing but good things to say about Roy and his work, I highly recommend his service.

Capture H.K., Goleta, CA 1/8/2015
As all of the other reviews on here have said (at the time of my posting) Roy gives one of the best massages I’ve ever had. A very therapeutic experience. While some of the embodied beauty of a massage often dissipates shortly thereafter, hours after Roy’s massage I still feel relaxed and amazing. I’ll let the other reviews say the rest; I’m just confirming their accuracy! Worth every penny!

Capture Sedona V., Santa Barbara, CA 4/11/2014
I’ve lived with daily chronic pain for over 13 years, and tried virtually everything for relief. Over the years, that’s included a fair number of massage therapists using multiple modalities. I first heard about Roy from a trusted, knowledgeable friend who told me she’d just had the best massage of her life.  I couldn’t wait to claim my coupon on Yelp and make an appointment. Roy came to my home, arrived promptly and gently, and proceeded to give me the best massage I’d had… until the next one  I had with him…and the next… each one ever better.  I’m in my mid-60’s, and all the careless accidents of those six decades involving neck, knees, back, hips, shoulders- plus years of working too-long hours without taking proper care of my body- have taken their toll, and come back to haunt me big-time. So now I’m taking care to nurture my body, mind and spirit in every possible way.  

Roy has the most amazing touch- he knows just the right spots, is strong yet gentle, really uses his forearms to get right into the deep knots and ease them gently out- “Deep Soothe” is a perfect description of what he does! I’ve indulged in some two hour sessions, and the difference in my body and my attitude is transformative. I am determined to make  regular sessions with Roy an integral part of my health care regime. There are some things that I consider luxuries, and some that are necessities; a massage with Roy is both, and a bargain to boot. HIs new space is quiet, charming and relaxing. Roy himself is such a knowledgeable, accommodating masseur- he’s just simply the best!  You owe it to yourself to give him a try- I daresay you won’t be disappointed.  I am SO GRATEFUL to have found Roy; he’s made a significant difference in how well I feel for days, even weeks, after every massage.

Capture Kathleen P., Santa Barbara, CA 3/20/2014
Roy has an intuitive mind and listens to what your body needs.  I have had several injuries and Roy has been able to unwind the way my body is trying to protect itself and get it back on track.  It is very reassuring to feel comfortable with someone who is as knowledgeable about the human body as Roy.  I have complete confidence in his capabilities and skills to keep me on the right path.  

I highly recommend a session to judge for yourself.  It’s great to have a therapist that is physically strong so when you need deeper work he is totally able to get into the tissue.  At the same time if I need a lighter touch he will not take it too far.  I trust him completely and we have a nice feedback loop which makes communication about the treatment even better.
The side effects of a massage with Roy has been, deep relaxation, better sleep and unwinding a tight, healing body.

Capture Claudia H., Santa Barbara, CA 1/28/2013
As I aged, I felt the need to truly embrace middle age in a positive way. I began to ask myself what I truly needed to feel healthy, strong, and more immune to sickness or disease. In other words, what would give me that edge to stay healthy? I teach community college so I am constantly exposed to illnesses in enclosed areas when flus or viruses can get out of control in a moment. Good sleep, exercise and nutrition weren’t enough. This realization struck around a decade ago at which time I began to treat myself to a massage every week or two.  Because cost was a factor, I made sacrifices so I could do this.

Rather quickly, I noticed myself having a stronger immunity as well as a stronger resilience to health issues I had battled for years, not to mention the overall contentment that was inherent in treating myself to feeling good. I explored countless masseurs and masseuses; I had soft touch and deep touch “sensitive” ones, strong but at times insensitive ones, some talkative and some quiet, male and female. I enjoyed most. Yet, something felt “spot on” when I had Roy massage me for the first time. Not only was his touch profound and penetrating, but he innately sensed the right places that needed it most. His intuition with massage is something I hadn’t experienced with most others. That, combined with his quiet demeanor, his effort to do the best job possible and the academic knowledge he possesses on this subject overall made the experience ideal.

Seeing Roy on a regular basis has improved my immune system, been instrumental in helping me keep pain at bay, and has made me feel like I am treating myself with a preventative sort of “medicine” that is exactly what I need. It is difficult to put into words what a quiet room, a good massage and soft music can do when you need that sort of reprieve. But it even more difficult to express what a massage by Roy can do. I hope I have expressed this somewhat.

Claudia Hoag McGarry
English Instructor, SBCC and Brooks Institute
Author, My Scorpio Soul, My Aries Secrets, Beignet and Grandpa Au Lait

Capture Claudia H., Santa Barbara, CA 1/28/2013
When you just want to relax then I strongly suggest you go see Roy at Deep Soothe Massage!!! First off Roy makes you feel very comfortable.  He sets an ambiance that you can soothe right into.  He has a very relaxed manner about him, with a very professional and quiet demeanor.  With Roy I never feel rushed, unlike my past experiences with some busy larger spas.  His touch is firm yet very relaxing.  He knows just the right pressure for all the right places.  

I lead a very stressful life and having had a baby in the last year it is imperative that I get what I pay for and that the time away from my baby is worth it.  I have tried many massage therapists, both men and women.  I can honestly say that Roy gives the best massage I have ever had!

Trust me, you wont be disappointed!

Capture Richele M., Santa Barbara, CA 12/5/2012
After an hour and half massage from Roy, I felt like a different person.  Between extreme stress and an injury, my shoulders and and upper back/neck area was a like a stone yard, full of nerves and knotted muscles hard as rocks.  Roy has the strength and knowledge to get into those areas and get some much needed relief.  He also has a very calming and relaxing presence.   Getting a massage from Roy is some of the best medicine I’ve had.

Capture Kathy M., Santa Barbara, CA 11/5/2012
I am a bit of a massage junkie and have been through most of SB’s spas, massage schools and massage parlors in search of great massage at a good value.  For a long time I didn’t consider private practice therapists, mainly because I didn’t know any and it seemed a bit of a risk.

Then, I was referred to Roy by a friend and received one of the best massages of my life.  Roy is an incredibly skilled therapist, providing the perfect blend of deep tissue work and soothing relaxation.  He has a firm, commanding touch and a comforting flow.  His hands seem to intuitively seek out the trouble spots and then hone in to work out the tension.  He employs different techniques and deftly customizes the massage based on your needs.  I typically want deep tissue work to get the kinks out but also crave a restorative experience and Roy always delivers.

I have not returned to a spa for a massage since.  Not only is it a better value to go with a independent therapist but there is something so friendly and personal about receiving a massage in the cozy comfort of your own or a private home. Roy’s quiet, caring manner and expert touch provide everything I want and need in a massage experience. Highly recommended!

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